i have not been on here a goooood amount of time. so i think it’s time for a co-owner.

if you’re good at updating, keeping up with everything that’s going on and is willing to be dedicated to this site please message me asap and apply.

you have to keep this blog clean, professional and strictly 100% only Katelyn news and whatnot. edits are fine (but try to keep them only just Katelyn. a few Jo/Kendall is okay but don’t over do it) as far as personal pictures of Katelyn, only if she is with friends or band mates. please keep her personal life personal, meaning relationship wise. that’s not what this is for and i plan to keep it that way.

i want someone who is gonna run this blog like i’ve done in the past. so if you’re interested please message me ASAP! thank you. 

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the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally over! Jo Taylor is back!

who saw Katelyn tonight on Big Time Surprise? what did you guys think of it?

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Will Anderson and Katelyn Tarver, covering The Biebs. This summer tour is going to be wonderful.

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Anonymous whispered, "are you coming to ireland for a tour?"

sorry! i’m not Katelyn but i can confirm that she isn’t. 

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WATCH the teaser for the Vera Wang / Kohls campaign I did w/ and ! http://bit.ly/MTPQKo via


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“@SincerelyDenyse: Just some post-BTR-wrap-party flying with @katelyntarver @auzziek and David.. #eh #nobig”


Just some post-BTR-wrap-party flying with @katelyntarver @auzziek and David.. #eh #nobig”

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GLAM got to do a quick impromptu interview with Katelyn Tarver in City Walk (Hollywood, CA) on June 15, 2012. Find out which song off her EP “A Little More Free” is the most personal to her, the most glamorous item she owns, and more! Enjoy! 

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Katelyn, just Katelyn.

dedicated to the wonderful, talented and beautiful Katelyn Tarver. here you'll find pictures, videos and any info on anything Katelyn! this also part of Katelyn's Official Texas Street Team!

run by: Tracy!